Aluminum castings: using modern technology, we produce high-quality castings that are the foundation of many industries.

For you, we create the best aluminum castings

With 100% attention to detail

Aluminum castings to your order: KOFRA Foundry offers a comprehensive range of services tailored to your needs, including tool design and development, prototype manufacturing, and mass production. We are involved in various industrial sectors, such as the automotive and electrical industries, heating and cooling, electronics, machinery, lighting industry, and more.

Aluminum housings

gas fan casings and covers

automotive transmission housings

housing of electronics and electrical connections

water and oil pump housings

filter system housings

gear transmission housings


in automotive transmission

components for heating and regulation

components for LED lighting

vibration damping components

components for hydraulics

gas fan covers

Heat sinks

fridges in the air conditioning

refrigerator components

freezer components

cooling bodies in the automotive industry

heat sinks in electronics

heat sinks in medical equipment

Other aluminium castings to order

Tailoring our services to the diverse needs of various industries, we produce a variety of aluminum castings that perfectly align with plans and specifications.

Why for yours unique products choose us?

Aluminium castings

Where and how are they produced?

Get to know our machine park and technologies, and also check our knowledge and competences.

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