Technology & Machinery Park

Kofra Foundry employs state-of-the-art technology. In our machinery park, we manufacture high-quality products that result from the process of pressure die-casting of aluminum alloys.

Advanced technology and an unyielding commitment to quality

By nurturing excellence through precise engineering, our foundry strives for professionalism, ensuring outstanding results in line with high industry standards.

Machinery Park

Enter our world of precision craftsmanship, where each product is born with a commitment to perfection.

Technology & Machinery Park

Join us for a virtual tour of Kofra Foundry, where we unveil our state-of-the-art technologies and machinery, the beating heart of our production.

Alloy preparation

The initial step in pressure die-casting involves the preparation of the alloy, incorporating a combination of aluminum and other metallic or non-metallic additives such as metal alloys, silicon, magnesium, etc. The alloy is selected based on the requirements of the final product and the desired properties. The aluminum alloys we use include:

  • AlSi9Cu3 DIN 226
  • AlSi12 DIN 230
  • AlSi12Cu3 DIN 231
  • AlSi10Mg DIN 239

Melting of Aluminium


Die casting & cutting

Melting furnaces

Foundry bays

Deburring & Sandblasting

Mechanical processing

Measurements & control

Measuring equipment: 2x 3D CMM (dimensional evaluation) X-ray (porosity evaluation) Spectrometer (elemental analysis of the material)

Visual control, packing & shipping

After all processes and measurements are completed, the final products undergo inspection in the visual control department, where each product is individually checked for potential defects or deficiencies. Visual inspection is also a crucial step in the final phase of processing, ensuring the ultimate suitability of the product before packaging, storage, and shipment.

End products? Quality aluminum castings

Explore our diverse world of aluminum products HERE. Each final product reflects our commitment to quality and innovation. Check out the range of aluminum castings tailored to your needs from our offerings and experience the fusion of tradition and modern technology in every product.

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